Christopher G. Sand is the aging Patriarch of Freeburg's mafia, his family having been in control for several generations.

Sand is the leading criminal figure in Freeburg, having fingers in many pies including the Freeburg Police Department and most likely City Hall. He has openly cast himself as a social benefactor, giving money to charity and having the town's ice sports arena named after him.

Sand is a major antagonist of the story, forcing Jack to take on Francis Kendrick's role as mole in Freeburg's Police Department. In return, Jack can sell loot through the mafia, can organise fatal entrapments for officers and detectives, and can threaten officers potentially testifying against Jack.

Sand will often request help or ask Jack to ignore crimes the Sand mafia commit. Failure to keep the mafia happy will lead to Jack's premature death.

Sand can be eliminated in several ways. Jack can side with Vicus Varga in the gang war that envelops Freeburg, he can complete the gang investigation tree which leads to Sand's arrest, or Eugene Caffre will assassinate Sand as a personal favour to Jack in the closing third of the story.

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