When a serious crime is committed and no one called it in, the case turns into an investigation. For investigations, Jack Boyd will need to use his detectives to solve the case. The case begins with 2 frames, a beginning frame and an ending frame. There will be a number of frames in between that is missing. Every day a detective assigned to the case may uncover new frames. Jack Boyd will then have to see the witness accounts and slot the frames in order to find who the suspect is. Afterwards, Jack Boyd can use officers and his lead detective to arrest the suspect and close the case. Remember that detectives with high professionalism will have a better sixth sense for detecting discrepancies in the clues and creating frames that may not have been obvious to begin with. For example, multiple clues could link to one suspect, and while detectives with low professionalism may create frames linking to that suspect, the real suspect may be someone else entirely who they had never thought of, while detectives with high professionalism may question such clues and create frames linking to a different suspect. Therefore, you should not jump to conclusions so quickly, even if your sequence adds up. Your detectives could be telling the wrong story.

The detectives sent to respond to a call will be the ones initially assigned to work on it. After the case has been opened, detectives may be added and removed from the case by opening the "Investigations" dialogue, clicking on the case, and selecting "Detectives". Detectives on alternating shifts may be added to a case this way. Detectives update you with new frames every day at midnight, provided there were any detectives working on the case today. It's a good idea to assign detectives from both shifts to work on a case, so that it's always getting focused on.

Be warned that detectives can be killed during investigations, by the criminal(s) realizing that they're on the case and then catching them alone. Because of this, it's a good idea to have at least two or three detectives in both shifts investigating the case, to minimize the risk of detectives being attacked and killed mid-investigation. If a detective is killed during an investigation, you will not receive any new frames on that day. Look after your detectives. If all detectives are killed or fire (Lead detective included), the investigation will automatically fail.

If detectives can't create any new frames for you to use and there have been no detectives killed, there's a chance that you may already have the correct frames to complete the sequence. It's just a matter of positioning them correctly.

Here are the solutions to most of the investigations. Follow the link below, it was posted on the Steam forums. It also is in chronological order!

== Case Arrest ==

After a sequence is correctly completed, the suspect(s) will be identified. At this point, one or more case arrests will appear on the map related to the case. This is where you can make an arrest. You must send two officers to a case arrest unconditionally. You can also send the SWAT Team to back up your officers if you wish, but remember that they are limited use, so it's only advised in certain conditions, such as going after the leader of a gang. You can also perform a case arrest if your lead detective isn't available, such as being at home, for example. However, sending officers without the lead detective presents a significantly lower chance of apprehending the offender. You can send the SWAT Team to help balance this out, but it's still not a guaranteed trump card. You do not need to make a case arrest the same day you complete the sequence. It will still be possible to do it a couple days afterward, allowing you time to ensure your lead detective is ready on the day you intend to go after the offender(s).

Unlike other calls, there are no risks to your responding officers during a case arrest, and there are no risks to civilians either. No officers or detectives can be killed during a case arrest. However, the offender(s) can still escape, so it's a good idea to send officers with high professionalism, anyway.

Upon catching the offender(s), the case will be closed, and all detectives who were appointed to the case at any time will receive a large boost in professionalism. The lead detective will receive an even larger boost in professionalism. If the case was part of an investigation into a gang, you will be able to start investigating the next member right away.

If the offender(s) escape (Or if you took too long to make the arrest), the case will fail, and all detectives who were appointed to the case at any time will receive a drop in professionalism. The lead detective will receive a larger drop in professionalism. If the case was part of an investigation into a gang, you will no longer be able to pursue that gang, and the investigation into them will be over.

Investigation solutions (just hints - can read quite safely)

The armed robbery where a diamond-logo van is assaulted by guys on motorbikes.

  • clarification / hint: the image with the van, is representing the van lying in a ditch (after it was driven off road) - not just the van on the road still. So think at what time this happened. Other then that it was quite easy.

The pharmacy stealing rare drug, with a homeless guy.

  • Note: This is the case with pharmacy building, NOT the one with stealing drugs from inside hospital.
  • hint: one of the witnesses could be lying about his involvement
  • hint: not all stories have just one suspect or the other suspect

Murder of business guy (Calvo) by two man.

20170701183532 1-case
  • Hint: ... none so far ...

Investigation solutions (images - MAJOR SPOILERS)

Major spoilers!

Do not read if you want to solve cases on your own! Instead try the text hints section above.

This Is the Police - Homicide - Solution
This Is the Police - Double Homicide - Solution
This Is the Police - Child molestation-Solution
This Is the Police - Smugling-Solution
This Is the Police - Theft - Solution
This Is the Police - Receiving Stolen Property - Solution
This Is the Police - Missing person - Solution
This Is the Police - Carjacking - Solution
This Is the Police -Attempted carjacking-Solution
This Is the Police - Abduction-Solution
This Is the Police - Sand Homicide-Solution
This Is the Police - Anducition-Solution
This Is the Police - Extortion and assault -Solution

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