Jack Boyd is the current Police Chief of the Freeburg Police Department.



Jack Boyd served under the Freeburg Police Department for 40 years before promoted to Chief of the FPD.

On his 60th birthday, he was hit with a resignation notice stating that he had 180 days before retirement. While retirement is usually around 65 age, Mayor Rogers decided to make it short for him in favor for his family's son to be the next Chief of the FPD.

Planning to move to a small house away from the Town, he and Laura spotted a house for sale. They also had bills piling up. When asking her how much they needed, she told him that half a million would get the job done. For reasons unknown, Laura later separated Jack Boyd and left him and disappeared, forcing Jack Boyd to find her and bring her back with any way he can do.

Events of This is The Police

The player controls Jack during his last 180 days in the police department. The player can make him extremely corrupt, or a white knight. It all depends on the players self-personality.

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