Mayor Rogers is the racist, sexist, and homophobic Mayor of Freeburg, a position he has held for some time and has no intention of giving up despite being in his 80's. He is a corrupt and openly nepotistic politician who gives positions to family members or chosen favourites to further his agenda. He is also a confirmed Rapist, after Jack gets a call from Lana who admits he raped her.

Mayor Rogers is in many ways the primary antagonist of the game. His decision to fire Jack Boyd in favour of his son-in-law Paulsen is the catalyst for the events of the game. City Hall is a constant thorn in Jack's side for the majority of the game, demanding that crime is kept low and favours they ask are answered. These requests are made through his deputy, Troy Starr, who is in fact a mole planted by Eugene Caffre.

In the final third of the game, as an election approaches, Rogers intends to rig the vote despite support for his opponent, Caffre. Jack must then chose who to support. If he supports Caffre, Jack must storm City Hall and if successful Rogers is killed. However, he will lose his job and all his money in the process.

If Jack sides with Rogers, he must storm Caffre's restaurant and slaughterhouse complex and kill him. The result is similar, as Jack will still lose his job. However, Jack will be able to keep the money he saved for retirement.