Thursday, July 18th is the 4th day of the game.

On this day, Jack Boyd goes to work at Freeburg Police Department.

Before the day's work

Jack is at home reading the newspaper before he goes to work. There's a knock at the door that he answers, which turns out to be Jehovah's Witnesses. He promptly slams the door shut again before going upstairs to call Sally for an update on his wife, Laura.

For the transcript, go here.

Calls today

Shift B will be on call for today's work.

Work hours start from 10:00 until 20:00 for today.

City Hall will request that you fire all black officers and detectives. You will have 2 days to do so.

The following is a list of all calls that will come in from today's work. Mouse over the "Type of report" to view the information on the call.

Crimes and Investigations

Time Type of report Amount of time to answer call Call Type Location Number of officers allowed Support allowed? Civilians at risk? Other Notes
10:16 Destruction of Property 15 seconds Normal City Hall (Parking Lot) 2 No No
10:30 Homicide Investigation Ghetto
12:15 Carjacking 20 seconds Choice Suburb 4 No Yes
14:40 Suspicious Individual 30 seconds Normal Desire Park 2 No No
18:25 Fight 20 seconds Choice Kevin's Throat Bar 3 No No
18:55 Fight 10 seconds Normal Octopus Restaurant 2 No No

Other assignments

Time Type of report Amount of time to answer call Call Type Location Number of officers needed Outcome Money awarded Other Notes
16:30 Kazumi Tamara 30 seconds City assignment Dragon's Lair Club 1 The officer sent will gain 110 professionalism, but will also take the rest of the day off. $0

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