Drug Possession is an investigation of the Vargas mafia.

In-game text

David Vasquez converted an orphanage into a drug distribution center, using underage kids to do his dirty business.

Clues and witnesses


Drugs are brought into the orphanage once a week in a bright-colored van. A made-up clown sits behind the wheel.


The gates of the orphanage fence are normally closed. They open right before the van arrives.


The clown and some other workers carry in boxes of clothes, food, toys, and books. Illegal drugs are hidden underneath.


Teenage boys are forced to package drugs under a clown's supervision.


Packaged drugs, ready for street sales, are stored in backpacks in the basement.


David Vasquez: Varga Mafia lieutenant.


The Skyway Golf Course: David Vasquez likes to enjoy a relaxing round of golf after a hard day's work.

Nursing Home: David Vasquez loves his mother and visits her regularly.


Beginning and end frames


Collectible frames

INVEST0018-01 INVEST0018-02 INVEST0018-03 INVEST0018-04 INVEST0018-05 INVEST0018-06 INVEST0018-07 INVEST0018-08 INVEST0018-09 INVEST0018-10

Correct sequence

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INVEST0018-begin INVEST0018-07 INVEST0018-06 INVEST0018-02 INVEST0018-01 INVEST0018-10 INVEST0018-end

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